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Instaplumb has provided plumbing services for all strata and real estate requirements. Backed by an experienced and exceptional team of plumbers, we pay attention to the smallest details in every project undertaking. Quality solutions ensure that each job is performed to the highest standards. We guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our certified plumbing team. Our approach is unique and includes an investment in only the finest options that prove practical and affordable.

Strata and real estate plumbing services are provided by a professional team dedicated to delivering only the best plumbing solutions in the industry. We are aware of the problems that occur when dealing with strata blocks and rentals. For these reasons, we offer an expert standard of plumbing services to minimize problems and correct system complications.

Select Instaplumb for Your Strata and Real Estate Plumbing Services

Professional Procedure

We follow protocol when deal with property rentals and strata blocks. Our real estate plumbing services include the expertise of certified plumbers. Every step is taken to find the source of a problem and to conduct lasting repairs. Where upgrades and installs are needed, only the most experienced technicians are handled for the job. Our plumbing team can deliver routine maintenance.


We work according to flexible schedules. This ensures tenants are provided ample time to prepare for our plumbers to complete the required services.

Modifications, Installations and Fixtures

Trusted plumbers are available to address all plumbing matters with efficiency and organization. Every aspect of the job is effectively managed. From the laying of new pipes to the completion of repairs, every plumbing project is handled by the expertise and certification of our technical team. Professional plumbers who are knowledgeable in such enhancements are consulted to deliver the best results.

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